18 March 2011

Fat Friday...

Happy St Patricks day! [For er...yesterday]

Hopefully you all used it as the perfect excuse to head out to the pub, wear silly hats and drink guinness. Or, you could've made like me and eaten cookies whilst watching the model agency. Festive.

Anyway, this week's Fat Friday is going to be an ode to all things St. Patrick-y and by that of course I mean all things green. Whether it's milkshakes, cupcakes, cake pops or pies, there's a whole host of things you can make seasonally appropriate with a little food colouring [and a lot of imagination] and so i'll hand over to my trusty baking archives to guide you towards some yummy treats.

Chocolate-cinnamon brioche rolls
 [on a green tablecloth. Did I mention we're playing tedious links btw?]

Oreo Key Lime Pie

Matcha Green Tea Malted Milkshake
[Apparently we're playing tongue-twister too.]

Sesame Street Cake Pops

I don't know about you, but I'm turning green with photography/baker envy. 

And hunger.


Sherin said...

Hope you had a good St Patricks Dy!
Ahhh, these look delicious.
The sesame street pops are seriously calling my name.

Tessa Kit said...



Yu said...

I love matcha ice creaaaaaam <3 Very cute post :)

I V Y said...

omg yum yum yum

check out my blog and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

Mo said...

Yum! You have definitely got me in the Friday cake mood.
You should try the nail thing out for sure. xxx

daisychain said...

Green with envy here too! I so want to have a go at making cake pops
and I will
except I will make them stickless and call them cake BALLS
just because the word balls is much more fun to shout loudly

"oh hey guys, come check out my balls".


Lauren said...

I. Want. ACAKEPOP!!!!


Anonymous said...

oreo key lime pie?! I can only imagine how heavenly that must taste. Well I now know my goal in life, I will not settle till I've eaten at least one.

Hahaha, pizza express does always sound sophisticted! Plus I love eating food off a slate, feels so fancy.

But what I can't believe is that it's taken me this long to find your new blog!! xxxx

Winnie said...

YUM! I have this funny thing with all things green. I've grown up loving all the lime sweets that no one likes, and made a bee line for a patisserie in Paris that sold Pistachio eclairs...big fan so I Looooove all of these. I want to make cake pops one of these days, they're starting to catch on here now aren't they- Starbucks do them now!

Gráinne said...

Hahaha the Sesame street cakes are hilarious! Definitely going to have to bake something after reading this!x

Cylia said...

those sesamestreet things look really yummy:)!

sbot said...

Cute post.

Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )




drollgirl said...

what a cute post! greenery GALORE!!!!!

Temporary:Secretary said...

Oooh. i'll have one of everything, please! x

Clare said...

Green velvet popcakes look delicious!

Tweet Tweet Tweet


Emma said...

yummy green velvet and how cute is the grouch ones, love it

Sid said...

the food looks really good. hoep you had a good one


F.M. said...

Don't understand the appeal of 'cake pops'... it's gone in one bite, and I'm left thinking, 'ok, now I need a whole cake to go with that pop!'

xo from Mtl,


Pippa said...

Mmmmm this all looks SO yummy, i wish i could cook :)
www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

Viv said...

you are making me ridiculously hungry.. the green velvet cake pops!!! i haven't heard all those things in the same sentence ever but they look delicious!


fhen said...

oh those look really nyumyy
i want cake pops now

have a great weekend
little miss fhenny

KANI said...

i have the cake pops recipe book! they are so hard to make!!!

audelia said...

everything looks delicious! and im super hungry now xo


the dresscode said...

ah love the last picture haha!
Love blog, following!

lolita said...

awesome pictures x


Anonymous said...

I am so hungry now, they all look amazzzing, YUM. xxx

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

I love the first tiny cake ones! How cute, lovely post!

VIVIENNE said...

these look yumy x

Haute and Fierce

Hannah said...

those green cake pops look super interesting

Bow Dream Nation xx

Stacee said...

That Green Tea milkshake looks scrumtious!!
My St. Patty's involved green beer and a huge suit party hahah it was fun :)

x Stace

Francesca said...

omg i love posts about food! this looks so good! lovely blog :)

http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!

Jess said...

oh my god. i need to learn how to make cake pops!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it all... I am hungry now haha

Love your blog!

xo thefashionguitar

Sarah said...

Those cake pops are way too cute!