26 July 2011

Born too late to feel the golden age.

// Top: Yayer - vote for them HERE! // Cardigan: Peacocks // Boots: Primark // Cycling Shorts H&M //


I've always been a stickler for them. It's certainly true that with age comes a lessened desire to stick to the guidelines, but I was always the kid at school who stared in disbelief at those who welcomed detentions, who seemed only to find being punished hilarious, and who most probably went on to be far more outgoing than I ever will be.

Or, if my recent actions concerning a pair of cycling shorts and a lot of fringing are concerned, perhaps I'll take that crown for myself.

Y'see, fashion rules are different. They're not universal. There is no school of fashion to which a grand master plasters his own regulations. Nope. We're on our own here, and in my opinion fashion is something so unique, so non-generic and individual that it's futile to judge other's choices.

Or maybe I'm just hoping everyone else thinks like that too. Because that way y'see, I can get away with wearing tops with cycling shorts...right?




Raffles Bizarre said...

:D I love everything about this outfit!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh how I wish I had your long legs! Some serious cool fringeness going on there too. I was the same in school, if you worked hard you were a 'chedder' - which by the way where the hell did that word come from, how is it even an insult??? It's funny how a lot of the ones who played up have or are expecting children.

daisychain said...

With legs like yours, you can wear anything and everything!

Anonymous said...

I was one of those kids too!! i HATED being told off - maybe I'm just a perfectionist?
But yes you can definitely get away with it - no, rock it :)

Little Humble Fashion Abode

Amy said...

This outfit is AMAZING. You have the longest legs I have ever seen in my life! Gorgeous xx

Anonymous said...

haha, love the way you write! and of course, you look lush in them. and I'm with everyone else, your legs are amazing!

Beth x
ramz and the flock

Sherin said...

I totally agree with you about rules, especially during school.
But fashion rules are meant to be broken! The fringe looks great on the cycling shorts! Great combo.

Katy said...

I never understood the kids at school who welcomed detentions, I was a stickler for rules!
This outfit, however, is finee :) Fashion rules are subjective! xx
Sirens and Bells

Nikki Sunshine said...

How on earth do you do Fat Fridays and maintain those legs? Absolutely jealous right now.
I think the outfit looks fabulous on you :)

frecklie said...

Your legs are super long and super amazing!! You loo great! x

Radiant Make Up said...

normally I'd say cycling shorts and tops are never a good look but this looks soo good!
I was always one of those girls that never broke the rules at school however I'm just begining to start experimenting with fashion 'rules' and I'm quite enjoying breaking them a litle!! x

Courtney said...

Cute outfit! You have AH-MAZING legs, jealous! xx

Sophie - Country girl said...

I am one for sticking to rules! Fashion rules not so much, I don't know who came up wth them but they are just silly. I adore your unusual look. Such long legs!

Sammi said...

Wow. My gosh I love your outfit, it looks gorgeous on you! And I love what you had to say about fashion, so true.


Maria said...

You look great, a million years away from the girl who wouldn't show off those gorgeous legs and I am proud :D

Maria xxx

fritha louise said...

I'm a big fan of the top and cycling shorts thing! Your outfit looks awesome, I need to get myself a fringed top!

Jaymie said...

You look awesome. Could i have your legs please?
and yes f21 and ice cream, best day ever!

Eloise said...

Your outfil looks gorgeous! If I could pull off a pair of cycling shorts like you can i'd wear them every day!

The casual potter made me lol


Mo said...

I love the cycling shorts with the top. all the fringing is great too. So jealous of your legs! xx

Jazzabelle said...

your hair is looking extra lovely here danni, and i love your outfit! your cardigan looks so lovely and snug :)