17 December 2011


I've got to admit, this jumper isn't one of my faves.

It's tight around the hips yet boxy everywhere else, it's too low cut to wear without anything beneath it and, in an annoyed stance against the fact that the sleeves were too short for me, I de-hemmed them and ended up snipping a hole in it in the process.

Why the hell did I buy it?

Two words: staff discount.

And to be honest, I really liked the flecks of colour in it - kind of reminded me of some Urban Outfitters sweatshirts I'd seen at the time, but at a tiny fraction of the price. 

Poor thing, I guess I liked the concept of it more than, well....it.

" Dear jumper,

It's not you, it's me..."


// Jumper: Peacocks // Shirt: gifted by Yayer // Necklaces: F:21 and Topshop // Shorts: Urban Outfitters sale // Nails: 17 parma violet //


daisychain said...

I love the flecks of colour in it.

Not half as much as I love you.

Shameless flirt, me.

Lidiya said...

Even if the jumper isn't one of your faves, it still looks lovely! And I adore those necklaces <3

Michelle said...

Aw I think your jumper's nice! The V can easily be sorted with some scissors and lace to make a peter pan collar - instant blogger chic/cliche (: LOVE your necklaces as well! xx

Caroline said...

Ahh I like the jumper, especially the little coloured flecks! Maybe it's a slow romance between you?! x

Daisy-Mai said...

i love this outfit, its so simple and so unique. i love it.

you blog is amazing and i love all of your cooking. inspirational



Krissy ~ said...

i love your necklace, looks so dainty!
Krissy xoxo

Stefany said...

Really love your necklaces x

Maria said...

I love how you have layered this, nothing like a crisp white shirt! I find sometimes it's the slowburning clothes romances that are the most satisfying (yes, I'm a freak)

Maria xxx

Katy said...

It's a shame you don't like it, I think it really suits you. I love the flecks of colour too xx
Sirens and Bells

jennifer june said...

You may not like it, but you really do pull it off well honey!
I love the two necklaces you have on here too, so subtle but so cute!


Harriet said...

The jumper looks pretty good from here - but when something doesn't fit right it can be a real turn off I know. Absolutely adore the blouse though!

chelsea.jade said...

I love the jumper :) And your necklaces

Chelsea x

Anonymous said...

I very much like that jumper :)

Louisejoyb said...

Although you might not like the jumper, it looks super cosy to me! I am a sucker for buying things 'just because' of staff discount too though.

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

helen @ thelovecatsINC said...

this outfit is lovely! the necklaces are my favourite.

also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice! i've had a good read through and i'm definitely going to be keeping up with your posts in the future!

helen @ thelovecatsINC


Sadie said...

I think the jumper looks like it fits you really nicely in these photos. Love your necklaces too :)

Also wanted to tell you I received the necklace this morning, I love it!! And thank you for the little chocolate snowmen :) xx