9 September 2012


Although I'm now working, and in spite of a couple of fairly [note: eye-wateringly] heavy shopping sprees at the start of my job, I've now got into a routine of spending as little, and saving as much as I can.

Then BAM, just like that you're hit with car insurance, holiday payment and road tax in one swift blow. And so, shopping for said [definitely non-essential but 100% needed] holiday has been sporadic and reliant almost entirely upon Primark.

Which, when you find little gems like this, is no bad thing.

The bikini saved me from spending a small fortune on an ill-fitting set, and thankfully ended that annual ordeal of getting half naked in a million changing rooms, under harsh lighting and behind precariously narrow curtains. By this stage I would've bought anything that didn't make me look like a) a marshmallow or b) an effeminate boy, but I'm glad to say that after trying and re-trying it does neither. A win I'd say!

The shirt and shorts were my guilt-buys today, although I can safely say that said guilt has morphed into a quiet hum [funny that], and is quickly hushed by the OOOOOOOOOOO from my inner hipster-magpie at the sight of that distressed red denim and studs. Oh the studs!

On a slight aside, it feels so good to be writing again and, after a quick stop off at Boots and Superdrug today for some holiday essentials I thought I'd plan a few posts on my personal holiday favourites - hopefully some of you might have some recommendations too!

'Til then.


Unknown said...

I love everything! the shirt is gorgeous, I realised a couple months ago that I don't have one so have been desperately looking to find the one! 
Project Rattlebag xoxo

daisychain said...

I got a bit addicted to buying bikinis pre-holdiday, oops. I now am on a mission for a winter coat...eek.

Unknown said...

I love that studded denim jacket, can't believe it's from Primark! Might need to go and take a nosy there myself..!

louisejoyb x

Miss Lottie Rose said...

Oooh I am loving the shirt and shorts! fab!

AVY said...

Good for you, the bikini looks cute!



Maria Fallon said...

That bikini looks cute, hope you have fun on holiday! :)

Maria xxx

Jade said...

Ah love the denim shirt - some great bargains! x

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Love the studded shirt collar!
Daisy Dayz

Tess Atkinson said...

that shirt is so lovely x

Jacky said...

amazing finds, I'm jealous <3


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Louise said...

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amalie said...

great buys! love the studs !

PhazeStyle said...

That bikini top is gorgeous!

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Thanks x

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