16 March 2011

Before it's come, and come and gone ♪

Oh hi there. My name's Danni, and I'm hiding.

From what, you may ask?


Yet again I've reached the end of term without really even realising it was approaching. And yet again it's time for me to feel completely and utterly bewildered with what could be just around the corner. After five weeks of writing the dissertation at home, there'll be a few weeks of revision, a couple of exams and then....

... just, nothing.

It's certainly going to be weird. As much as I'm ecstatic at the prospect of a month of freedom, of late mornings and warm summer sunshine, I can't help but twitch uncomfortably at the thought of what happens next.

Sixteen years of classrooms, teachers, friends and foes, and all of a sudden it's heading towards a screeching halt. Perspective kind of puts a damper on it all. Especially as you watch all of those you love going on to greater things, moving further towards their dreams as you become more and more scared of achieving yours.

Let's just hope that one day, someday, all of this will have been worth it. 

At least I can leave this journey safe in the knowledge that I've met some wonderful people, many of whom I hope I'll still be laughing, crying and joking with far into the future.

And who knows, maybe I'll be meeting many more along fate's path...wherever that might take me.

// Cardigan ~ Peacocks // Tee ~ Primark // Skirt ~ Goodwood // Belt ~ charity shop // 
// Tights ~ M&S //

On a more light-hearted note...who spotted my favourite Disney character hiding in my room? I guess if all else fails, at least I know he'll never abandon me XD

[p.s. my friend is having a fundraising blog sale for the tragic happenings over in Japan at the moment. It's an issue that's all to easy to brush over in our busy, unaffected lives, but please take a look at her sale here if you get the chance - no matter how big or small, every donation helps.]


catflicks said...

ahhh such a cute outfit!

Steph0188 said...

aw lovely post hun :) I can only imagine what it feels like, but try not to worry, whatever happens, happens & for sure you will still be growing into the person that makes you you.
Goodluck with everything, I hope you can do whatever makes you happy
Gorgeous outfit xx

kirstyb said...

ADORE that skirt xxxx

kirstyb said...
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Yu said...

I'm currently in my last lecture of term.. crazy! P.S. I love your cardi..

Thanks so much for the mention love, it's very much appreciated!!! :)

Sophie Isobel said...

Really cute outfit! Love the tights :)

Ana said...

ahh love the outfit, just simply adorable.
good luck with everything as well!

daisychain said...

Whatever happens in the future, it IS worth it. I still remember my last day at school, it was such a defining moment.

Gorgeous outfit.

I have nothing witty to add.



Isabela said...

Aww lovely outfit :)
Cute tights.


Sherin said...

Absolutely love the outfit. The tights are so pretty!

I felt the same when I left uni. I had no idea what to expect!

P.S. Yup, I saw flounder in the oictures.

I. said...

great outfit <3
soo sweet and cute



Fashion Junkie said...

I love love love your bag. It's gorgeous.

Do you have plans for after your degree yet? I'm almost there with finding and getting a job, but by interesting parallel, my partner works full time- it's a job he took when he had to come out of the forces because of injury and wasn't supposed to be permanent. That was two years ago. Now, with me making plans and moving on, he's suddenly realised that he could feel left behind as I/friends of his are starting to make progress with careers and things and it's been tough, but also a massive motivation to start making progress of his own.

Bear with me, there is a point, and that is- Don't stress, take your time, and try and see the positive to new oppurtunities.

Oh, and rest assured that whatever you do, you'll be doing it stylishly.

Emvely said...

i really love your bag..its very vintage! ;]

ahh..school school school
You feel safe and secure when you are in it, still hate it
but once your out its feels very werid ! lol


Reckless Rekha. said...

i love your look! you look really nice xxx

Anonymous said...

you have such a cute blog! I love your bag :)


cowbiscuits. said...

love that top!! xx

Kat; said...

i love this little ensemble! the t shirt, with the floral skirt & chunky cardi works so well! you've inspired me to branch out and try putting new things together! xx

Chuck said...

Snaps. God knows what happens next...

Natasha said...

Love your outfit, especially that skirt. My wardrobe seriously lacks skirts at the moment so I'm planning on making some! That shall be very interesting indeed.

Life is all about not knowing where you're going. I'm doing media at Uni and I'm expected to start applying for jobs and I'm just like whaaaaaaaaaat where do i even begin?

You'll be ok :)

Winnie said...

Love the outfit. I completely understand how you feel! It's scary and I've been spending the last few months taking it easy and in limbo-land until I get on with job applications. You will be absolutely fine though, after so many years of structure and learning, it's completely normal to feel that way!

Emma said...

i love chunky knit cardigans like this, and your skirt is super cute

Z--- said...

loove your skirt!!xx


Mo said...

Oh this skirt is gorgeous! It really suits you and Goes so well with the t and Cardigan!
Thanks for you lovely comment! You should definately try cutting things up, as long as the clothes are cheap! Haha!

Sabrina T. said...

i love this look lady:)gorgeous bag and tights:)

Follow me??i'd be very happy if you do it!
i wait u on my blog!kiss

Alex said...

Good luck with everything :) Last days at school are easily the best, so enjoy them!

That bag! Omg that bag <3 Actually in love with it.

Lil said...

Love the handbag!
The future is a scary thing! I'm here til July but my actual deadlines end in May. At the moment just the thought of what I'm going to do makes me want to vom!

Anni said...

cool outfit ! i love this bag so much ♥

Sara Louise said...

yes this is pretty much the most perfect outfit ive seen all day .

Anonymous said...

Good old Primark for their super duper skirts :D
You look lovely dear <3

Leia said...

I noticed Flounder!

I'm feeling sort of in the same boat... I finished my degree in September and am kind of floating between no-longer-student and reality!


ching said...

the skirt and the bag are divine. :D

Chloe Mia said...

Great tights. I love the ring too!



Kb said...

Good luck with everything, love the cardi and the skirt! I feel the same way, so scared of leaving Uni and I feel as if I've just started to make some good friends.

Tootsie Jean said...

this outfit is really gorgeous
much love!!!


Lauren said...


Emma C Wills said...

Like your blog.
oh gee, its all just starting for me, dissertation due in 10 weeks, so after this weekend promised I would settle down and do it-but I am so un-motivated :S
Good luck for all your exams, im sure the hard work will all pay off!
Emma xxx

Le Chevre Noir said...

i love it, love the skirt.
perfect outfit!

Tonya said...

I love floral print, and your skirt is sooo cute!! Im very jealous!


Sami said...

Love the outfit - so cute. Really like the satchel :) I know what you mean when you say the terms just pass you by. Uni goes too quickly for me!
Sami xx

piatek13stego said...

nice bag:)

Amandita said...

I love this outfit!

Gaby said...

love this outfit!! and good luck with everything
- Gaby