6 July 2011

Goldie Delicious

A few days ago I was contacted by Carys from Goldie London to see if I'd like to take a look at their most recent lookbook images. 

Usually I have to admit that I'm very wary of generic blogger e-mails such as this, but upon seeing that a) they'd got my name right...it's not Ellie for future reference ;) and b) they had some downright beautiful clothing, I couldn't say no to a quick peek at some high res pictures.

And after a cheeky bit of googling [upon wading through a few pages of the other Goldie...y'know, bald head, gold teeth, was on that conducting programme for some shameless exposure a while back] I found that the brand started in unassuming surroundings at a simple market stall.

Fast forward to now, and the founder Michelle has bagged herself quite the following, along with a snappy website and stunning lookbook to match. Perhaps the most crucial thing to point out though is that even from the start, Michelle had high aspirations, with the market stall's location in Portobello road leading to some rather hefty online price tags now.

Having said that, there are some lovely things on the website, particularly their midi-skirts [NOM], and I can't take my eyes of these eerily beautiful images, though for me personally there'd have to be a huge sale on to have a chance at affording anything!

What do you think? A tad on the expensive side, or totally worth it? Either way, I'm going to be dreaming of that kimono in the first pic for a long time to come!


Disclaimer: I was contacted by PR who provided these images, but was under no obligation to write about them. I was in no way sponsored for this post and, I hope you can tell that, all opinions are truthful and my own!


daisychain said...

In loveeeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

The belt the model is wearing is beautiful, not the clothes I'd wear but I do admire them and people who have that sort of edge to pull them off!

erica marie said...

These photos are gorgeous...just found your blog, love it. Following now :)

Angel In This Dress said...

This is one stunning Lookbook + collection! :) Like Katie, I adore the belt however I can't afford their prices so won't be shopping there any time soon lol x x

Elli said...

loooks soooo nice, got to save up! Ellie xxxx

ps check ma blog : ohmyellie.blogspot.com

Susie said...

I'm a fan. That model is totally selling the clothes like it's nobody's business in that lookbook.

Sherin said...

Ooo, seems like a pretty cool brand. The lookbook images are really pretty.