26 August 2011

Fat Friday...ish

I'm afraid that for those of you expecting sugar, chocolate, and a sprinkling of questionable wit, I'm going to have to disappoint you.

I know, I know. I'm a bad blogger! And believe me, Fat Fridays is usually the one thing that saves me from a week of hell. I can bake, photograph, write and edit to my hearts content, escaping all of life's troubles by submersing myself in creativity and, more importantly, cake.

Well, it turns out that when your job involves days full of such creativity and computer-screen staring, the last thing you [or maybe just I] want to do is go back to the dashboard.

But of course I couldn't leave you without any form of foodie feasts for the eyes, and so I thought I'd share with you the food-inspired works of Lucy Folk that were introduced to me recently.

I'm yet to find out where or when these will be sold, but I'd keep an eye on her website if I were you!


On a bracelet?



Know that I'm not receiving any free taco-ness for this post, it's just a shout out to a talented and unique designer.


Miss Raj said...

LOL this post made me smile. If not food then food shaped jewellery to give us our fix :) Have a great weekend! x

Courtney said...

This post amused me haha! xx

Katie said...

Taco bracelet!!I love it! haha xo

Roza said...

haha, these are brilliant!
thank you for sharing

liza said...

Ah, that's amazing. I have a hamburger necklace. This needs to be added to my foodie-jewelery collection.


daisychain said...

I want to buy you all of this. So perfect.

Pfeffer PR said...

Hey all! The Lucy Folk Taqueria collection is available now from Harvey Nichols and Collette :) xx

Born for Joy said...

wow those are amazing haha! i want one now