11 October 2011


Today mum treated me to a cup of my fave Starbucks tipple, and I have to say that it was just what the Dr. ordered. I've definitely moved on from iced drinks though, I think their satisfaction peeked last weekend during our heat wave, and now, just a week later, I'm ready and raring for those cult-like Christmas cups.

Originally I donned this outfit, but after some internal deliberation decided I looked a little bit too biker-try-hard and opted for a cosy knit instead of the leather jacket. I think for a day in the wintery fresh air it would have been fine, topped off with a fluffy snood, but I felt much more comfortable [and less pressured to ride a motorcycle and tattoo my knuckles] in my plain-Jane cardigan for our quick visit to Merry Hill. Not entirely sure a double-leather look would have gone down so well... someone take me to London [because, in my head, you can wear anything there]!

The fringed shorts were part of last week's bargain shopping trip, and I picked them up for a fiver[!] in Primark's sale. Definitely loving their permanent reduced-rails at the moment, it makes up for their upped prices in my eyes for sure.

I also managed to pick up some ingredients for up-coming Fat Fridays, so prep yourselves for some sugar-comas!!

Leather Jacket: H&M // Shorts & Bag: Primark // T-shirt: Yayer // Necklace: Holiday[sorry!] // Lipstick: 17 "Pink Power"


Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! Don't think it looks too try-hard-biker at all
But I knoe EXACTLY what you mean about "in my head you can where anything there" - I love fashion, like, a lot haha - but I've never been one of those people who is SO confident with their style that they wear what they like and don't care about what people think.
That is until.....I moved to Manchester...okay so its not London, but its the next best thing. I literally don't care what people think about what I wear here - I like it and thats all that matters. Besides in a big city there are some really crazy dressing people, so I just look totally normal :)

Hmmm long comment much?

Snapshot of a Northerner - new blog please check it out :)

Maria said...

You look very cool here, very model off duty! ah Merry Hell, I will have to come and pay a visit soon!

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look too bikerish at all, honestly you look awesome! Although I'll put an outfit on and then think - "I look a bit too blah blah etc..." and it'll put me off and opt for something 'safe' - my usual stuff I wear.

Ohhh I'm all for hot tea me! with plenty of chunky bisuits to get my teeth into! Longing for the chocies to pile up over christmas haha.

Anonymous said...

It's taken me a while to readjust my fashion sense (well, the little I have)to living outside London. I was more than happy to wear my OTT fake fur leopard print coat daily in London, but till recently she barely got a wear. I have come to realise that although people do give me a bit of an odd look on the way to work, when I get there in any sort of fantastical garb my kids truly love it. Fashion for me is fun, it's an outlet, and I no longer care what strangers think. Come on, freak some suburbians out!

Kareen said...

I love that outfit so much, the leopard and the leather compliment each other so well :) Here in London you really can wear anything and get away with it, one woman I see all the time ONLY wears red!
I'm still trying to tear myself away from my strawberries and cream frappe! It's so hard, but I'm trying to prepare my self for egg nog :) yum yum x

Steph0188: StephanieDreams said...

I am adoring your outfits at the moment, you are amazing to me!!!
The shorts are bloody gorgeous- I NEED!

Ashley said...

I hope you've picked up this leather jacket recently because I'm in LOVE with it ! I need a good leather moto and this is amazing ! Have to run and buy it. Lovely style x

daisychain said...

Are gingerbread lattes back? PLEASE tell me they are!

Mo said...

I love this look, don't think it is too try hard at all. But sure it looked equally as good with a chunky knit!
I am so excited for the red cups comming too, they encourage me to have roughly three a day though - prob too much! Oh well!

ttFN said...

Love that leopard print x

StephanieDJL said...

Try hard? Pfft, I love this! & I need that necklace in my life...