26 October 2011


Some days are rubbish.

The shower is cold [or worse, tepid], your nails are chipped and your head is pounding.

You might step in a kitchen puddle with your tights on.

Or fail at peeling stickers from things.

And subsequently spend fifteen minutes pulling your best concentration face while trying to get rid of that icky sticker-stuff that refuses to budge.

Days like this call for a remedy or two.

My remedies of choice? Scones, diet coke, taking pictures and wearing man shoes.

What can I say.


Coat: c/o Tesco // T-shirt, belt, tights, shoes: Primark // Skirt: Vintage stall // Necklace: Urban Outfitters


Caroline said...

I love your necklace, I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession with key necklaces! x ps. enjoy the scones! x

Amy said...

Scones will definitely do the trick! Can't say I'm much of a coke fan though, I'm more a tea girl!


Amy x

claire (jazzpad.) said...

Boooo sounds like a rubbishy day :( Things can only get better though eh! :) Soggy socks is the worst. The actual worst. Love that necklace though lovely, one perk! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Boo days like that are rubbish :( You are dressed beautifully though! Love the skirt and key necklace =) xx

Ronn said...

Aaaw hope your day gets better!
Dont think I could put together such a brilliant outfit on an 'off' day though!!!


jade. said...

fail safe remedies - hope it's making you feel a lot better. :)
you look great regardless! i'm the type of person who makes NO effort to look nice on an off day so you can definitely tell.


Julia said...

i love the colours in this outfit! hope your day got better x

Harriet said...

So sorry you've had a rubbish day. I think your recipe for making them better is perfect though (well except I don't like diet coke, but swap in coffee and I'm there!) and you look absolutely lovely. I adore the key necklace!

Amy Valentine said...

things will turn up eventually! try using nail varnish remover on the annoying sticky stuff, always works for me!(:

Rachael said...

ewww at kitchen puddles! Loving your necklace though x

Anonymous said...

I adore your dainty little necklace :) Beautiful outfit x

Leanne said...

Sounds like a pretty rubbish day :( lovely outfit though, that skirt is really pretty xx

Sophie Isobel said...

Love your necklace - I have a small obsession with keys!
Hope tomorrow is better for you :)

Tamara said...

wow I just discovered your blog and really like it. Think you have great style and am following now! Definitely a new fan! You are very inspiring
Pop up by my page when you get a chance xoxo Tamara

Sorcha said...

There is NOTHING worse than a lukewarm/cold shower. I have nightmares about them and once seriously contemplated calling into work because I couldn't bear to wash with no hot water! Somehow don't think they'd have been too impressed mind you.

I want to steal your key necklace. I have such a thing for them! So pretty.

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

Hanananah said...

I cracked up at (cold shower...or worse tepid)

and supercool necklace xx

Raffles Bizarre said...

If there is a puddle in the kitchen/bathroom, guarenteed my tights-clad feet will find it!

Angel In This Dress said...

...and chipping your nails whilst unpeeling the sticky labels of course! :P x x

Lidiya said...

Feel better soon, hope you have a better day tomorrow! Gorgeous skirt, I love the print <3

liza said...

I hope your day improved! Scones are perfect for a rubbish day, I must agree.

Love the shoes and necklace, they're lovely!


Ashley@Bakerbynature said...

Oh yes, I know "those" kind of days! Glad you have a remedy for the rubbish that includes yummy scones and cute shoes :)