24 October 2011


Comfort was definitely on today's clothing agenda.

Oversized jumper? Check.

Leggings? [that actually fit my lanky limbs?!] Check.

Unkempt hair? Definite check.

There are some days when, no matter how you might try, nothing will trump the need to feel cosy, covered up and completely comfortable.

Today was one of those days, and I was more than happy to succumb.

I have to mention these leggings, because for the life of me [or rather, for the last few months of my life] I haven't been able to find any that are long enough without breaking the bank.

As I mentioned in my post on shoe-troubles, brands that cater specifically to the slightly longer legged or larger footed tend to charge extortionate amounts as they know they're offering a unique service that, ultimately, we have to turn to.

Well I'm glad to say I've quelled the need to fork out my precious savings on such brands by finding these "Tall" leggings on the Next website - and for only £9. Mwahaaaa.

Stick it to the man.


I found out via twitter that the BINTM/handbag.com competition is now open until tomorrow, so if you haven't had a look yet you can do so here. No matter who you vote for, you'll be helping make one of us a very happy bunny, so please do take the time if you can!

Cardigan, bag, boots & socks: Primark // Leggings: Next // Shirt: Yayer // Necklace: Topshop // Nails: Buzz nailpaint by Barry M


Elise said...

I really love this outfit, perfect colours. I'm excited to be wearing boots and socks again soon! x

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Yay glad you found a cheaper alternative. Love the blouse, lovely colour for Autumn :)

Julia said...

lovely outfit, the cardigan looks so warm. and thank you for following me on tumblr! x

Stefany said...

Love your cardigan, looks so comfy and cozy :) xx

Sorcha said...

This is much better than my super snuggly outfit which pretty much involves giant fuzzy socks paired with sweat pants and a hoodie!

The mustard and grey together are great!

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

Sophie (Little Mittens.) said...

now it's cold all I want to do is wear a duvet! so at least you still look good when you're cosy xx

FromGemWithLove said...

Loving the colour pallet. Cardi is great, blog looks awesome too! xx

Caroline said...

Your cardigan looks so cosy! It looks great with the mustard coloured blouse :) x

Jen said...

Just voted for you! Love this outfit - I had a very similar day on Sunday. Sometimes it's nice to just lounge around!

Sophie said...

I adore the red nails against the mustard shirt.

Amy said...

Ooooo love the snug cardi!



Michaela Scalisi said...

Beautiful outfit!! I love the colors :)

xx Michaela

Emily said...

Voted for you! :)

Your shirt is such a lovely colour. It's nice to hear about another girl's troubles finding clothes to fit her extravagantly lengthed limbs! I buy mine from H&M and they're always a little bit too short, which is ok when I wear them with boots but looks awful if I try to wear them with flats. I will definitely check out Next now!

Mo said...

I love comfy days. I wore something similar to this on Sunday and was in my element. xxx

One Picture and a Thousand Words said...

Love this outfit, you look very cosy and autumnal!

dinoprincesschar said...

i just voted for you - and i love your cosy outfit!

daisychain said...

snug as a bug, I love it! x

underthewillowtrees said...

Hello, love the outfit. It's cosy, but also a kind of understated cool that I could never achieve!

By the way, I've been reading your blog for a while, but I've finally decided to be a talker (well, writer) not a lurker. Great blog by the way!

Georgia x

Olivia said...

chunky knits :) <3 x