22 November 2011


I don't think anyone out there can say their style is uninfluenced and completely original.

Be it the media, celebrities, blogs, friends or eras, we all take inspiration from things - even the most mundane - continuously, and diffuse them into our own personal style; something that ultimately becomes a mash-up of all the things we love.

And were it not for this bargain of a head-topper reminding me so profusely of Florence Welsch and her appendaged trilby, I doubt I would even have tried it on.

But try I did, and whilst half hoping it would turn me into the elegant lady herself, I knew that even if it looked a right mess, the purchase that would happen in about ten minutes time was already a done-deal, if not for its Florenceness then for its measly £5 price tag.

The only trouble is that felt turns out to be an all-out fluff, dirt and dust magnet, and so I've been walking around with what has basically become a cleverly disguised duster on my head without even realising.

I'd like to think that even my subconscious isn't taking style inspiration from household items...

but to be honest, I wouldn't put it past it.


Tribly: Primark // Cardigan: Peacocks // T-shirt: Yayer // Leggings: Next // Rose Necklace: Topshop // Cross Necklace: F:21


daisychain said...

Oh black, dust magnet central. I cannot wear anything black without looking like a rolled in the attic.

Caroline said...

Oh no, hope it stops catching so must dust soon, it looks lovely and very Florence esque which is never a bad thing! x

Vicky said...

Ahh nice look lady xx

Lil said...

Ah lovely!! I love a hat.
You look great Danni, although I know just the kind of felt you're talking about - picks up everything! xx

dan said...

haha I know how you feel! my boyfriends family has a white boxer dog, and if I wear anything black I end up covered in white hairs xx

Eloise said...

Anything black I attempt to wear gets covered in ginger cat hair within seconds, i keep a secret stash of lint brushes everywhere!

Love this top on you, the leopard works great with the trilby


Harriet said...

You look wonderful! I have a hat with exactly the same problem - but what to do except try and dust it as often as possible?!

Elizabeth said...

some lovely outfit details there, lovely lady.

Emma Jade said...

LOVE your blog! Can't believe I've only just found it!
Completely agree with what you say and I love the way you write.
Need to get my hands on that hat this weekend :)

amy said...

The hat. Oh the hat.
It's perfection.
I've been looking for a similar one, but have yet to find it!

sending you happy spells
hope to hear from you..x

Stefany said...

Love this outfit, your nails look awesome too :) x