13 December 2011


I thought I liked winter, I really did.

The crisp, frost-bitten mornings, sparkling pavements, cool, dusky sunlight.

It all sounds so poetic.

And then you step outside and BAM. Your face feels like it's going to fall off, your nose starts running and, if like me your ears have the rude ambition to protrude from all hairstyles, you wind up with a pair of cold-air catchers either side of your face.

In sum, it's freakin' freezing.

But rather than pull my usual stunt of dressing like the Michelin Man, this year I seem to have ventured towards the other extreme and broken out the summer clothes.

Shorts, playsuits, t-shirts. The lot.

Maybe it's some kind of rebellion? An aesthetical statement that says "I see you, cold breath freezing in the air....but I don't care".

It quite probably also says "Look at me! I have no concept of seasonal dressing!"...

...maybe tomorrow I'll truly commit and break out the flip-flops?

Mmmmm frostbite.


Playsuit (worn as top): Dorothy Perkins // Shorts: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: from a holiday!


rebecca said...

The wind is the worst part. I can't even. Forgot gloves today, massive mistake. One of my friends wears tights and flip flops...

danielleyc said...

This outfit is lovely :)

I have to say I've never been a fan of 'dressing for winter'. I'm usually in a dress/skirt and tights everyday of the year :)

Eloise said...

But this is good! At least you're being thrifty and getting the wear out of the clothes - although colds and runny noses migght not be worth said thriftyness.

And can we swap legs please?


Bex said...

Haha, I'm exactly the same! I appear to be getting more wear out of my shorts recently than I ever did in the summer!
Shorts & tights combo all the wayyyy! x

daisychain said...

seriously, fuck winter. I have a cold, chilblains and have to dress like the michelin man.

once upon a time I thought I loved it too.

I'm hibernating with a mug of hot chocolate and my slanket.

Rai said...

Where I am I still wouldn't say it's cold enough to feel like winter. Miserable enough, yes, but not cold enough! I feel exactly the same about wearing less in winter; I hardly ever wear jeans for one because it is so likely to rain and I don't want to be dragging around a tonne of soaked-through denim! x

Raffles Bizarre said...

I don't really have a change of wardrobe between the seasons so I tend to be a bit too hot in the summer and way too cold in the winter.

You look lovely in this outfit, the shirt it gorgeous!


Caroline said...

love how you've worn the playsuit, the frilly sleeves are so cute. haha i don't think i understand seasonal dressing either, i always want to wear tights in summer but often go without a coat in winter. i did actually see someone wearing flip flops yesterday! xx

Harriet said...

You are a brave lady - it's freezing! Love the outfit though!

molly said...

Haha, i know exactly what you mean-i was so excited for winter but now its here i hate it! Coldness + that evil wind is NOT my friend. Love these photos + that necklace is the cutest Xxx

Sophie said...

I says this girl is creative ;)
Ahhh winter is my favourite season as long as I am staring at it from the inside. I destest it as soon as I step outside!

Gem said...

I have this playsuit, never thought of wearing it as a top! x

Maria said...

I love this playsuit! And I just add more layers/thicker tights between seasons, more clothes that way ;)

Maria xxx

Gillian said...

Love this outfit, it's always nice to wear something bright in the winter to cheer yourself up a bit!

Gillian x

The Fluorescence of Adolescence said...

lol, yeah winter seems to be getting worse! I stay in one room in my home just to keep the heat in!

Really nice peace chain and top!

jennifer june said...

We all need some colour right now <3