17 February 2011

A new beginning...

Cardigan, Tights, Bag and Shoes: Primark, Tee: H+M, Shorts: UO sale

Well this is a little strange. For those of you that don't know, this is my first attempt at going solo in the blogosphere, after a good year or so of contributing to Frills 'n' Spills. As much as I loved it, now feels like the right time to move on to something different, something exciting, something that's me.

So here goes!

Today was the unplanned second instalment in mine and mama's shopping spree. I don't know what Uni has done to me, but every time I come back home I have an urge to go on a full-blown retail binge. Seriously, you can tell things are bad when the woman in Primark has to double bag your stuff. Oops.

I hardly ever wear these shorts out in public, despite falling in love with them when, low and behold, they appeared before me in a sale rack in Urban Outfitters. For some reason, shorts and skirts terrify me. I've got so used to skinny jeans that anything above the knee feels like nudity, and I can assure you the world is not ready for that. But finally these shorts seem alright again, and they're so darn comfy it's hard to avoid them. My only quibble was a few florally patches sewn onto them which, although lovely for your grandma's tablecloth, didn't quite work with the red-trucked 'born to reign' t-shirt...I wonder why? The stitch picker I had hiding away somewhere finally came into its own.

Anyways, part two of said shopping spree involved more tights; more skinny jeans and lots of man t-shirts all for £20. Yep. Primark, I think I love you.


Fashion Junkie said...

So pleased it's not just me who follows retail therapy!
Love the tights, and the shorts look just as stylish as comfy.

MakeYuUp said...

Lovely first post, and loving the uber bargainism!

Lil said...

I nearly bought that bag in Primark yesterday! Its gorgeous.
So happy you're here and blogging! Link going up on my blog asap Xx

ellieand said...

FashionJunkie- you're definitely not the only one...retail therapy is the most effective methinks :P

Yu- thanks m'dear! :)

Lil- I couldn't believe how nice someo of the stuff in Primark was 2bh..may make a third trip :P Thanks for the link up, will do the same!


Sophie Bryce said...

I love this outfit. There's such an effortlessness about it (in a nice way, obviously!)

Yay for the first post :D

Sarah said...

Following you from Frills n Spills! Glad to see you're back out and blogging again :-)


Lovely photos dear!


Hayley said...

Ah! I used to do that as well, but that was because I went to a tiny seaside town for uni where the shops consisted of New Look, Dorothy Perkins and a few random clothes shops.

E is for Eleanor said...

Love that tee shirt!

Yay for new beginnings :) xx

lydia-lee said...

so very in love with this outfit! great careigan!

a fashion blog by lydialee!

London's-beauty said...

love your outfitt :)

two birds said...

if i had your legs, i'd wear shorts and skirts every day!

Hannah said...

Congrats on the new blog. I love the shorts and definitely think you need to embrace them more!! Love the whole outfit really from the spotty tights to the cardigan, lovely =)


Anonymous said...

oh i love this cardigan! your outfit is pretty. xx

ellieand said...

Spohie - yay! :) i love effortless outfits. It's what I aim for :P

Sarah- thank you :) so lovely to see people reading both!

H2- thanks!

Hayley- I have no excuse....there's a town half an hour away with a massive primark, amongst others, and still I splurge when at home. OH WELL ;)

Eleanor- yay indeed :) tis v exciting. And thanks, the tee is actually a really old one!

Lydia-Lee- thank you :)think I'm in love with the cardigan too..esp. at £7!

London's Beauty- thanks!

Two Birds- haha! oh bless you, I'm only juts coming to terms with wearing skirts/shorts, but you'll probs be seeing a lot more in outfit posts. I'm being brave :)

Hannah- thank you, that was so sweet :)

Greer- thanks! as I said up there ^^ the cardigan was only £7...WIN!


Anonymous said...

you look so cute,
love the cardigan and tights!
lovely blog,xx

The Buttonboxx said...

Love this outfit. A bargain shopper!!is the best way lol xx

daisychain said...

I wish I could pull of your style! x

Mila said...

Ooooh I adore your outfit!
I will definitely be back on your blog :D

Christina Sanders said...

Wow, good luck for the solo blogging! You'll do fab I'm sure :)


Valentina A. said...



Jana and Vanessa said...

A really cute bag! Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
All the best
Midnight Couture Girls

Aly said...

I love the whole outfit and the tights are gorgeous! Loving the blog I've followed, maybe take a look at mine? :) Aly xx

Stiletto-aholic said...

Love this outfit! I'm so glad I've found where you disappeared to on the web.

You're not the only one, after a rather gruelling week/month of college I always want to hit the shops. Call it stress-busting...?

Anika said...

Really nice Blog! :) xx

Rachel said...

I have just sat and read through quuuite a lot of your blog. I'm meant to be wrapping presents...but oh no I am here instead! I am really enjoying your writing anyways- I feel like we have just sat and had a good old chin wag or something! :)