22 February 2011

Tuesday Choons

Whether this feature will take off with much plight will depend mostly on whether I can don my organised hat and get lots of posts scheduled before the old dissertation deadline is more than just a dot on the horizon. Although at the minute it's less a dot and more a hunking great big boulder of evil just waiting to wreak havoc.

Anyway, morbidity aside I'm hoping to use some simple [although not really real] alliteration as an excuse to make every tuesday a chance to share some of my current musical lusts with you. Whether old or new, mainstream or alternative, Tuesday Choons will feature a different artist each week. I'll pop up some links to their websites and hopefully, if my inner computer geek is anywhere to be found, I'll embed my favourite track of theirs for you to listen to and hopefully enjoy. Or at the very worst learn never to listen to ever again. Let the heckling commence...

This lovely chap right here is Mr. Ben Folds. Now before I continue, until a few days ago I couldn't have professed myself a fan. Not even an occasional listener really. In fact, the one album of his I had listened to didn't actually feature his singing.


I was too. But it turns out this guy is a musical Einstein. That album I mentioned was an A Capella record, made up of various tracks which he'd previously recorded, but sung by American university choirs. Though it left me in the dark as to his own voice, it certainly showcased his hilariously witty, stunningly blunt and often beautiful lyrics.

My fangirl of a sister was lucky enough to get tickets to see him for Christmas [man was she thrilled] and so I tagged along as more of a companion [and thwarter of a particularly strange fellow in the queue] than an excited fan.

But boy was he good. Even after five hours of standing on sore feet, I found myself laughing, swaying and clapping along to his latest tracks and, shock-horror, singing along to some oldies that I'd actually heard :)

It was so refreshing to watch an artist who doesn't take themselves too seriously, who isn't afraid to show their gratitude, and who, on multiple occasions, can flippantly compose and play a song based on drunken heckles from the audience. His musical response to ''show us yer bellybutton'' [no, I'm not sure why either] was genius, and a brief lyrical nod towards Birmingham was the cherry on top. 

My favourite track of his has to be Still Fighting It. The university choir version of this is stunning, but after hearing it live from the man himself I know now why he's done so well. What this one lacks for in his usually hilarious anecdotes, more than makes up for with heart-warming lyrics and beautifully simple harmonies.

And if you're after something a tad more upbeat, go for Rockin' The Suburbs [thanks to my sister for recommending this one :) ]- a sarcastic tale of the pains of being male, middle class and white. A terrible situation I'm sure.

[Watch out for the swearing, kids]

So there you have it, a brief introduction to Ben Folds. A cheeky chap who might just grow on you. Or at the very least draw out an impulsive giggle.


Sophie said...

Im looking forward to more of these! Also on the look out for more music! Ill give him a listen when I have more time!

danniekate said...

this was great :) cool idea, keep it up! xx

Rosie [a rosie outlook] said...

I absolutely love Ben Folds, I really wanted to see him on his latest tour but tickets were quite expensive so I didn't and now I kinda wish I did! I love Still Fighting It, it's such a beautiful song :)

Gemx said...

I love Ben Folds, I haven't listened to him in ages! His lyrics are great! I think the first song I heard was Rockin' the Suburbs and I just thought it was awesome. I need to re-kindle my love for Mr.Folds :) Great post!

ellieand said...

Aaah it's great to see some other Folds fans!! Glad you like the idea, will try and keep it up as much as poss :)


Lisa R said...

Love the songs! This is one of my favorites from him, with Regina Spektor :)


Sarah M said...

This guy is BRILLLIANT! Like this post alot! Thanks for sharinggg his music :D

head over heels said...

i love this idea for a regular post! Never heard of this guy beofre but i had a listen and i think i'm a new fan :) x

Tessa Kit said...

love love love your blog its so interesting :) I love ben folds!

Sherin said...

I'm going to love this feature!! H'e sounds really cool and fun. I'm always up for discovering new music.

AbigailBanfield said...

Loving that middle class and white thing!
Great post

Filipa said...

OOh, new feature :) Musical ones are amongst my favourites, because I suck at finding new music myself.. That is the one that isn't from northern ireland :P I will be checking him later (can't play music at the moment. - does this also mean I should probably not be reading blogs too? who knows.. haha! )