16 October 2011


After three years of endless toing and froing between Uni and home there was definitely no love lost between me and train journeys. I hated them. They meant saying goodbye, leaving a home of some description, and always made me nervous.

But with a definitive end to University life, and my feet firmly planted in one loving home I think my fondness for travelling might just be starting to renew.

Especially if you stick a familiar face and the prospect of a sunny city at the end of it.

And that's exactly what I was greeted with as I arrived in Oxford this Friday. To say I enjoyed it is a complete understatement, and yet, the word that keeps springing to mind when hopelessly searching for the most appropriate adjective is nice.

English lessons taught us to avoid that word like the plague, and up until now, I probably have. But honestly, in all of its simplicity and contentment, that word seems completely justifiable in this case.

We visited an Alice in Wonderland shop, gazed over Oxford's rooftops, ate delicious food and took pictures aplenty. We even managed to enter Christchurch college whereupon I pretty much dragged my jaw across the floor and grew increasingly conscious of my midlander whisper echoing across the prim and proper courtyard. Somehow it didn't seem to compliment the neighbouring grandeur of the Harry Potter staircase, although I'm glad I left my heavily accented mark on the place.

After hours and hours of catching up, exploring and laughing at awkward waiters, it was time to say our reluctant goodbyes and head our separate ways.

She to a whole new world of education, friendship and adventure, and me to a familiar looking job-search website.

I'm definitely more eager than ever now to get my own adventure started, knowing that whatever it may be, it's sure to include many more visits like this one.

And to that I say, YAY.



danielleyc said...

Your photos are alway so beautiful Danni! :)

Molly Xxx said...

These photos are simply stunning! Good luck on your search for an adventure, im sure theres one just around the corner! Xxx

Rachael said...

Gorgeous photographs x

Julia said...

Oh i love Oxford, lovely pictures! x

Sophie said...

Looks like you had such a lovley time, i've always wanted to visit Oxford!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I love your photos! Love the sound of the Alice shop, I haven't been to Oxford for ages, this is definitely making me want to go! xx

Krissy ~ said...

these photos are too cute! i would love to visit Oxford some day!
Krissy xoxo

Daisy-Mai said...

these pictures are beautiful

liza said...

These pictures are so beautiful. How wonderful that you've finished university, good luck in your search for a new adventure. My university life will be starting next year, so I guess that will be my new adventure, haha.


Katie said...

Beautiful photos - making me really miss Oxford. Nowhere is more beautiful in sunshine.

Sara Reverberi said...

Great photos!Love the light.

Lola Vee Vintage said...

incredible pictures x


Sorcha said...

These pictures are great. I'm super intrigued by the Alice In Wonderland store, that sounds amazing!

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

Maria said...

I wish I could have come with you to see Lisa, looks like you had a lot of fun though :)

Maria xxx

Lisa said...

Miss you already!! thank you again for visiting, it was so great to hang out again! <3

Emily said...

Stunning photos! I've never been to Oxford but it looks lovely :) I feel the same way about job hunting atm. I'm so ready to go do something exciting, there just aren't many opportunities to do it!

dan said...

lovely photos, sounds like a perfect day! I've never been to Oxford but always wanted to xx

Harriet said...

I love Oxford! Your photos are lovely - it's nice spotting places I know in them!

My boyfriend lives in Oxford so I definitely know the pain of to-ing and fro-ing on too many trains - but the city is worth it, oh and the boy's not bad either!