13 May 2011

Katie [makes] Cakes

I like cake.

I like making it, reading about it, blogging about it, photographing it and, most crucially of all, I like eating it.

Turns out a lot of you seem to like it too, and I've had such a great response to some of my recipe posts that I'm hoping to carry them on for good while :)

This Friday however I bring you something more exciting but just as sweet as another recipe, in the form of an interview with the gorgeous and talented Katie from KatieCakes.

Say Hello!

This lady's blog is such a beaut, with some stunning photography and positively drool worthy recipes, I've no doubt it'll be added to your bookmarks quicker than you can say nom. And if that weren't convincing enough, she's just been heralded as one of Channel 4's top baking blogs. It's about time I say!

This is the first interview I've done, and Katie couldn't have been more kind, grateful, and downright lovely when I asked her if she'd mind answering a few questions for a blog feature. So Katie, for taking part in this humble little post, for being so kind and quick in answering my questions, and for creating such darn delectable treats, I thank-you. Enjoy!
Katie, your blog has been up and running now since 2008 [how on earth its awesomeness bypassed me until last year I do not know] and you've got through an astounding array of mouthwatering recipes - is there one that sticks out for you?

Oh yes, for sure!  The recipe that really stands out to me is the banana and toffee blondies I made for my post on how to use up old bananas.  I don't make them very often as I fear obesity may follow but boy do I love those blondies!

Baking is clearly something you are deeply passionate about, how long has it been a hobby of yours?

I remember my fiancee would often jaunt up to Edinburgh to visit an old friend.  He would always come home with wondrous tales of a bakery which sold Mars Bar muffin made with chopped up chunks of Mars Bar.  The thought of such an amazing treat haunted me until I finally decided to have a go at this baking lark and attempt to make them for myself.  I haven't looked back since.

Whenever I bake, I have to have music on - it's not until I've got the radio blaring out, and I'm squawking along to the latest tunes can I focus [apparently noise and baking go hand in hand for me!] do you have any rituals that you stick to when you bake?

Baking has become such a second nature to me now that I can do it without even thinking about my actions.  The only ritual in my house is my fiancee turning on the xbox whenever he hears the whir of my kitchenaid.

Who is the lucky devil that gets to test out your recipes?

My fiancee, Kris, is my little guinea pig.  I always get an honest reaction from him whether it's moans of pleasure or a look of disgust.  I'm planning on having a bit of an experiment with a bottle of Chambord and my madeleine tin later today, I'm not sure he's gonna like that one...

I know that you started blogging after a while of reading plenty of baking blogs, do you have a favourite?

Well, the blog which inspired me to start my own was a Swedish blog named A Cat in the Kitchen but sadly she has since stopped posting.  I still venture back to that little part of the internet and read through the archived posts, her recipes are so simple and perfectly executed.  I love it.

I recently had an almost catastrophic baking disaster, what's the worst mistake you've made in the kitchen?

Oh, I've had plenty of those!  My most recent mistake was a Victoria Sponge for the Royal Wedding.  I must have read the recipe wrong and only made enough for one layer.  When I cut it in half it looked like a sad flatbread sandwich. The birds got that one.

Your photography and food styling are stunning, have you had professional training?

I haven't, no.  Although my fiancee is a professional photographer with his own studio so I do get to play around with some awesome equipment.  We recently bought a light table, I'm itching to have a go with that.

You set yourself a challenge this year to bake something from each of your cookery books- how is that going?!

Not that well, actually.  Simply because I can't stop myself buying more books.  Right now I'm flicking through Gwyneth Paltrows new cookbook and expecting a delivery of another two. Ooops!

And finally Katie, are you a cake or cookie gal?

Cookies! Definitely!  There really is nothing better in life than a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven... mmmmm!

Isn't she lovely?! 

I think while Katie works her way through a mountain of cookbooks, I'm going to do the same with her recipes.

Now just to figure out where on earth to start. Cake or cookies, cake or cookies....



Abbie said...

What a lovely post! :D

E is for Eleanor said...

I love Katie and her fab blog! I'm starving and this has just made me crave a huge cookie! haha

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daisychain said...

Katie is seriously amazing!

Chloe Likes To Talk said...

Hello new blog to drool over, and what a lovely lady. I'm with Kaite too- COOKIE MONSTER.

Michelle said...

So many delectable treats! Thanks for this post, totes following Katie's blog now (:

Emma said...

That's a lovely interview, really well done :) I'm so craving cake now... x

Sophie - Country girl said...

Great interview, but you've just made me so hungry now.

Katiecakes said...

Ahh shucks!!

What lovely words! Thanks so much for featuring me on your wonderful blog :))

Katie xox

Susie said...

Oh wow! Those blondies sound incredible! Can't wait to check out more of her recipes. Great interview, Danni! xoxoxox

liza said...

I loved this post, she sounds so nice, I'm kind of upset that I'm not already following her.

She takes some amazing food photos, too!


Sarah said...

Oh wow thanks for sharing, and everything looks amazing!

Zoe said...

Such a cute blog :) xx

Tessa Kit said...

Love this post. Yummmmmmmmm! I loveee all the treats!

liza said...

In reply to your question, yes they are homemade marshmallows. Absolutely delicious! :)


Harriet said...

Katie's blog is amazing, a veritable establishment of nom! So glad she's getting the recognition she deserves, and a great interview too!

Christine Iversen said...

Yum <3 <3 <3 ^^

Xoxo Christine

Kat said...

Ooooh Katie's blog looks like a new must-read for me, I've recently started baking and am loving it! Great interview! Thanks for your comment on my blog by the way- I'm obsessed with Fleet Foxes at the mo too :)


Victoria said...

What a lovely interview, I'll definitely be checking out her blog, but in the meantime, must find cake! xxx

Yona said...

I shall visit her since i drooled all over my keyboard with those yummy pictures :).

Rachelous said...

Her blog seems fab, I can't resist such beautifully taken pictures, mouth-watering! xx

JenWar said...

Lovely interview! I was weirdly watching Ace of Cakes when I stumbled upon this!

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

you and your mouth watering foody pictures!

Well done on the degree completion, I'm a little jelous.

Helen, X