13 July 2011

Lookout, low flying spaceships.

// Hat, jeans, boots, bag: Primark // Blouse: Yayer //


A little bit scary dontchya think?

Or maybe that's just me. I suppose I should seek solace in the fact that, were I to have a breakout [probable] or bad hair day [even more so] I could don this wide-brimmed wonder and be free to roam the streets/shopping centre/supermarket without encouraging any unwanted attention.

And then I'd remember that actually, with this gigantic flying saucer of a hat upon my head, I'll probably end up warranting a fair few odd looks, each conveying a spirit of "is it a bird, is it a plane" with great curiosity I'm sure.

The day I chose to wear this outfit was delightfully sunny, chilly but still and basically the perfect weather to wear such a thing without worrying about it blowing off in the wind or getting drenched in a torrent. Because, for any non-British readers, here in England July likes to surprise us with random and pretty aggressive downpours. Seriously.

Unfortunately, my over-thinking led me to quickly snap it from my head before leaving the house anyway, in a fleeting spurt of dignity. Or maybe it was stupidity, I mean, who doesn't enjoy the odd spaceship shaped accessory every now and then?

Hmm. Maybe it can go in my 'holiday wardrobe'. Y'know, that drawer filled with the shortest shorts and strappiest sandals which are reserved only for the eyes of those poor souls abroad who I'll never have to see again.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'll brave it at home.

Midlands? You've been warned.



Raffles Bizarre said...

Aw you look so cute, and I don't think the hat is THAT bad :) I quite like it, and it's summer so that's a perfect excuse for big hats!! ;)

spookshowbaby said...

I always feel mega conspicuous in any form of hat haha! Where's your blouse from? It's gorgeouss :) xx

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! you're so photogenic. I love the hat!


daisychain said...

You look adorable. If you weren't so damn tall I'd carry you in my pocket allll day x

Maria said...

You should definitely wear it, it looks super cute on especially with the rest of the outfit :)

Maria xxx

Harriet said...

I love the hat! It really suits you, you should definitely wear it!

Hannah said...

I do love a good space ship shaped accessory! I love floppy hats but the ones I've had in the pass get a bit floppy and impair my vision!!

ella belle said...

love your hat, you look gorgeous in it. dont banish it to the holiday wardrobe pile! xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

ching said...

this is hip and wicked cool. love the length of those jeans.

Sophie said...

Be brave and wear it in the Midlands. It is too nice to be one just once a year on holiday!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love your hat ^_^ Everyone needs a floppy hat for the summer <3

Temporary:Secretary said...

Gorgeous as always! x

buy rift accounts said...

i love your outfit!!<3

HARRIET said...

love the outfit and the hat!

vanilladreams said...

Hi Ellie!
I love your blog you're so 'real' when you write and I love how you manage to put a tad of humour into your posts. Especially your 'Fat Friday' posts and 'This week has been'.

Therefore you were the first person who I awarded the 'Best Blog' award to. Check it out here: vanilladreamsblush.blogspot.com please!


Susie said...

This is my favorite of your outfits! That hat suits you perfectly and you look so glamorous and cool! Love, love, love it!

Kat said...

Oh this hat is awesome, wear it out at home! I used to known as 'Kat in a hat' at college as I always wore some sort of hat, I haven't worn one in a while though- perhaps I'll get back into them for Summer :)


Mo said...

Hello!!! I was just thinking the other day about how long it's been! I'm good and hope you are too. How was Glasto?
You look gorgeous here, amazing little bod you have!
I love the hat, it really suits you. Know what you mean about thinking it will cause more attention but it would only be in a positive way.

Liza said...

Loving your hat!! It looks darling on you. Great blog... following you now!

XO, Liza
fashion over groceries

fritha louise said...

Veryyy jealous of that hat! I've been looking for the perfect (affordable) floppy brimmed hat for ages to no avail :(

Stefany said...

Love this outfit, that blouse is lovely on you :) x