13 September 2011

Big Foot.

For most of my teenage life I had trouble finding clothes to fit. Too short, too baggy, too low, waist in the wrong place, blah blah blah. In all honesty, these are things that, although attributed to my height, have probably been experienced by most of you reading this right now.

But the one thing that's been the most annoying? Frustrating beyond belief?


I'm so not a shoes girl. Give me handbags, make up, dresses and shirts over any form of strapped, pointed or patent foot accessory out there. And don't get me started on having to shop for them. I'd rather go barefoot.

Subsequently, you can imagine my horror when, with a graduation ceremony and a wedding fast approaching at the start of this summer, a shoe-shopping trip was moving from the comfortable realm of necessary to the sweat-inducing category of essential-that-we-go-NOW.

Things were looking bad. Jones, Dune, Schuh, Next. They all failed. 

And then we stepped into New Look and VOILA. A whole host of flat, elegant shoes that were smart, fashionable and available in almost all cases in both 8s and 9s. I should point out that this was the Birmingham branch specifically, which has a larger stock anyway as it's a pretty monstrous store, but even so it offered more to me than any of the aforementioned brands.

A lot of specialist 'tall' shops [most of which are online] tend to design shoes with purely big feet in mind, forgetting entirely that there's a potentially fashion-conscious individual attached by the ankles. It's as though they stick to one clown-like shape, change the colour each season and shove on a bow here and there. I think even the orange-felt, smiley-face slippers I designed in a year 5 design tech project were more appealing than those.

So basically, I suppose this post is a massively drawn out [sorry guys] thank-you to a store which I have to admit, has never really been on my radar before.

Ta very much New Look, you made even my flipper feet very happy this summer.

Now just to find some winter boots. *groan*


This is not a sponsored post, nor am I affiliated in any way with New Look


dinoprincesschar said...

So frustrating when you have to really search for shoes, but the effort has paid off here; these look lovely!

Katie said...

I'm having a serious shoe problem at the moment also! Those look so beautiful and feminine!

Yu said...

I love New Look shoes! I totally know what you mean about searching for clothes - I am a total dinosaur when I'm back in Japan and there's never sizes for me for anything!

Raffles Bizarre said...

I like these shoes, such a nice shape!

Rachael said...

I do love New Look for its huge range of shoe sizes!

Elise said...

Those shoes are lovely! I've always been jealous of anyone who can just order shoes online and they fit perfectly every time. I have quite narrow feet so most shoes are too wide, shoe shopping is such a chore! x

NLR said...

I suffer from 'big foot' conditions myself too!!
But I love these simple shoes.


Julia said...

lovely elegant shoes, very pretty. I received my parcel today and I love everything! I used the bag when I went shopping today and I've just painted my nails with the lovely nude nail varnish :)) xx

Maria said...

I love these shoes, I found some great boots on John Lewis and Zalando, quite a few sizes too!

Maria xxx

Lauren said...

I to have jimoungous feet. Size 8s sometimes don't even fit and it's a nightmarrrrrre. New Look is one of the better shops for big feet!

Katy said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! I have trouble searching for shoes, because I'm a half size, and not many shops actually do that, so I'm constantly having to try two sizes on in every shoe I want to buy, and I don't really wear heels because I can't walk in them, so finding nice flats are a chore! x
Sirens and Bells

Harriet said...

I think they are gorgeous! One of my best friends is a size 8 and always has trouble, but swears by New Look and Next for larger sizes.

I think you are right that finding clothes that fit is hard for everyone. I've never had the issue of being tall myself(!) but I do think you probably have it harder than us short people as it's easier to have things taken up than make them longer!

Roza said...

i suppose i'm on the complete other spectrum and find it hard to buy shoes as i'm a size 3!
i do actually look at the children's shoes, they're so much less expensive!
glad you finally found a pair though!

daisychain said...

I used to have size 9 feet and loathed shoe shopping. I am a rare breed..my feet have now shrunk to a 6.5 but I really don't envy you having to shop for bigger sizes. Hurrah for New Look having some sense (and I'm sure I've seen some bigger sizes in Primark!) and Sarenza http://www.sarenza.co.uk/ do some!


Sherin said...

They're such a cute pair of shoes. I have to admit: when things are looking bad on the shoe front, New Look always have decent and affordable things.

Mo said...

You're feet look very elegant and not at all like flippers, my dear! I've alwasy shunned new look but might have a nosey in their shoe section now. Hope you're good, x

liza said...

Ah, I have extraordinarily skinny feet, and it is so hard to find shoes that don't make me slide all around in them. And I have skinny calves too, so boots are an issue as well. It's so nice when you actually find shoes that fit, but give me clothes and bags any day ;)

I really like these shoes, they're such a cute shape.


girllookslikeapony said...

Ah, I feel your pain. I have stupidly wide feet and I think only New Look and Matalan actually offer good value shoes in wide widths.

Steph said...

Gorgeous! I have fairly large feet (considering that I'm not that tall!) I am a size 8 and have very wide feet and I have found that New Look do the absolute BEST shoes in such a wide range styles.

Steph x

Laura said...

I have no problem whatsoever in shopping for shoes (which is becoming a problem of a different kind altogether) but I've got to say New Look have really stepped up their game recently! I can always find shoes (high and low) that I want in their stores. These look lovely on you!

hearts of sand

StephanieDJL said...

I love those shoes! My worst shopping stress is jeans, ugh just thinking about it annoys me lmao.

Lil said...

I'm somewhat lacking in the shoe-loving department too. I think it's because I am between sizes, so find it really difficult to find a pair that actually fit. Plus buying new shoes for me always goes hand in hand with pinching toes, rubbed heels and sore balls of feet, so it never conjures happy images for me. New Look though, that's the one place I can bare. X

Vintage Culture said...

I really Love Them shoes!

Please follow meee!