28 September 2011


Today has been a fail, of epic proportions.

I found my dream job a couple of days ago, a short train journey away from my home. I figured today was the perfect day to take in my application. Turns out, not so perfect.

I ended up driving around an obviously full [but you always expect there to be a 'magic' free space] car park three times, slowing down to an almost halt at least twice when passing a man who I was sure was heading back to his car. No-no, he was just walking, in fact, I'm pretty sure he was running away by the second time.

I settled on a space in the street, walked towards the station and then remembered that my bank card was sat at home on the kitchen table. Did the whole cover-up-the-awkwardness fake phone-call; feigning shock and surprise at a false but apparently important happening to justify the fact that I was turning back towards the exact spot I had left two minutes ago, like a loon.

So, by half ten I was playing music full blast on the way home, cursing my absolute idiocy and singing along to One Direction in despair.

You can probably tell I don't really deal with these situations well. If at all. But hey ho, mum ended up driving me back to the station so I could get it in today, and after a dose of this lovely sunshine I was right as rain. Til I tripped up in town. Cue another awkward cover up and I figure my life is back on track: awkward as ever.

I wore this dress that I picked up for a mere £7 in Dotty P's. It's a little short, but as long as I wear it on non-windy days I'll be fine. Paired it with some sunnies and a lovely bag I was sent from Boohoo - I'm so impressed with it that I've got another post lined up just to waffle on about that, but yes, big thank you to Boohoo for that one!

Right, I'm off to be my awkward, forgetful self in the safety of my own home now. I don't think society is ready for it to be honest.

The internet however...well, you lot are far more forgiving :)


Dress: Dorothy Perkins [rise-elite concession] sale // Bag: c/o Boohoo // Sunglasses & Locket: Primark // Key necklace: Urban Outfitters //


Julia said...

Oh gosh sounds like a stressful day! Lovely dress, hope yr well xx

dinoprincesschar said...

good luck with the application!
and that dress is lovely so hopefully will have cheerwred you up! xx

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

I love the print of that dress!! Good luck! <3<3

Daisy-Mai said...

good luck with the application! the dress looks like a perfect material for summer and this is a totally awesome pattern!!

Sadie K said...

Ah no they do say bad things come in 3's though so no parking space, no bank card and tripping up opens the way for good luck for the job :) Lovely dress :) xx

Katiecakes said...

Oooh, your blog is looking stunning lady! As are you, that dress looks really pretty on ya :)

Don't feel bad about tripping up, I was walking to a vintage fair at my old uni yesterday and fell flat on my face. That shows me for trying to strut like a successful alumni student!

Katie xox

Michelle said...

Oh what a day Danni ;) Sounds like a typical day for me though, I'm so clumsy and scatter brained hahaha. At least you looked beautiful as evz, that dress is gorgeous! xx

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Ooh good luck with the app anyway! Sounds like something I'd do too, I'm always in a flap! Love the print on the dress though, and what I can see of the bag is lush xx

daisychain said...

Clearly there is something about today!

Looking bloody gorgeous x

halfmilk said...

love this look!

Hayley said...

Today has been one of those days for me too!
Good luck with the job, hope you get it!
That dress is gorgeous :) x

Sherin said...

Your awkward moments are nothing compated to mine!!
But at least you looked great during your day. Love your dress.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this dainty dress sure is a beauty. You look darling in it dear x

Helen said...

arggg I hate not being able to find a parking space! Once I forgot my bank card after scanning everything through the self check out in asda - so so embarassing.

Maria said...

Lurve this on you, hope you managed to get everything done and relax this evening :)

Maria xxx

P.S. Yes, I do know how attractive you are when you drool ;)

Rachael said...

I had one of those days yesterday, especially when it came to booking things on the internet. Totally wasn't my day!

The dress is real pretty though x

Lowri said...

Kinda 'loled' reading this haha! Sorry.. sounds like a bit of a nightmare day, least the sun made it a bit better! :) Love your dress, massive steal at £7! Massive good luck with the application :)

The Deer Head


ella belle said...

hope your day got lots better! gorgeous dress, dorothy perkins has been brilliant lately xx

Belle said...

you better get the job after all that! :)
also - love the dress!

Chloe Likes To Talk said...

But most important of all, did you get the application for your dream job put in?!