17 October 2011


I'm hoping that you might be able to peel your eyes away from my shockingly faded split-ends for long enough to take a quick gander at my favourite new combo.

Whilst loving the recent blogger-trend of pairing dickie bows with collared shirts and casual jumpers [take a look at Lily and Samantha for some great examples], there's something about wearing something so bold and androgynous that scares me away.

Far away in fact, towards the distant realms of feathers and chains.

21 years and I still don't know how my brain makes these connections, but after wanting something, anything to accentuate the collars on my worryingly large collection of sheer shirts, my eyes snapped upon this old Primark necklace and lo, Big Bird was reincarnated.

Tweet tweet.


Shirt & Necklace: Primark [both old stock but probably have similar styles in this season!] // Awful hair: model's own


Chantelle Thomas said...

Looks great. I'm a bit afraid of wearing dickie bows don't think they'd suit me but i love this!

Sorcha said...

That is a crazy amazing necklace. I can't believe it's from Primark!

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

Lowri said...

The necklace is gorgeous! Necklaces around collars are perfect and like you said less hard to wear than a bow-tie!

The Deer Head


Steph0188: StephanieDreams said...

LOVE this necklace :) Looks fab with the shirt xx

Emily said...

This looks great! I personally think it's a lot cooler than a bow-tie.

Julia said...

Oh wow that necklace is lovely, can't believe it's Primark! x

Sophie said...

I love the statement that this makes! Looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the combo! xx

Krissy ~ said...

aww so cute!
love it!
Krissy xoxo

Mo said...

Ha, I love your posts, always so funny! You look nothing like big bird. The necklac is gorgeous and although it is just a glimpse of the look you look as though you are pulling it off well. I love the collar with detail look going about right now.
The peircing wasn't to bad actually, it's more awkward getting used to something being up your nose! Maybe not the best time, coming into cold season - blowing will be eventful, haha!!

Sara Reverberi said...

Love this necklace and your style.

Raffles Bizarre said...

This is a great necklace, I wouldn't have thought it was Primark bling. Looks great with the shirt. :D

I love your style of writing btw, made me chuckle.