2 October 2011







The sun seems to have brought out the Autumnal beauty in everything - I'm certainly not a spider fan, but this web looked stunning caught in the afternoon sunlight.
My friend's mum has been growing tomatoes, and much to her dismay they were pretty much refusing to ripen despite her best efforts [even talking them into turning red didn't do the trick]. So, after reading up some tips on the internet and apparently distributing them in random places throughout the house, they've finally ripened! I made bruschetta with them and ate it in the sun. Talk about a late summer!
Again with the Autumn beauty. No editing, just some perfect timing and pretty leaves.
There's a massive kit-kat divide in this family. To nibble or not to nibble? I always bite off all the chocolate first [not before checking to see which side is thicker] and eat the wafer afterwards layer by layer. Am I weird?
Actually, don't answer that.
I do like a bit of subtle colour clashing; turquoise and pink is one of my faves, although I could never go all out and base an outfit on it. I reckon I'd end up looking like a) a 90s Barbie or b) a walking sweet-shop advert. Although, as a frustrated job-hunter, maybe there's a career in that?!



Julia said...

i do the exact same with my kit kats haha strange! lovely necklace x

Chloe Likes To Talk said...

I never realised there was such a divide on KitKat etiquette. The only thing to do with one (or any other chocolate as I learned when my parents STOLE my Kinder Bueno this weekend) is get it eaten before someone else takes care of it for you!

Love the picture of the spiders web, we seem to have an infestation of HUGE spiders in the garden at the moment and the webs have been beautiful in the sunlight and today with raindrops clinging to them.

Sorry... Waffling. In short- love these images.

amalie said...

love the necklace!


Lucy said...

I'm definitely a nibbler on the the kitkat front.. I do a similar thing when eating jaffa cakes too :) xxx

Stefany said...

Lovely photos :) I love Autumn xx

Elly said...

what beautiful photos! i love the colours:)
xo Elly @ strawberrylacemoustache.blogspot.com

Rachael said...

i'm similar with the nibbling - but on a mars bar.

Hayley said...

Lovely photos :)
I don't like kitkats! x

Sorcha said...

KitKats definitely need to be chomped on! The big divide in our house is whether or not they're biscuits!

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who eats their Kit Kat in parts xo

Winnie said...

Really beautiful photos! I actually love your nail polish colour, what brand is it?

Emily {What Emily Did Next} said...

I love these pictures! Spiders are horrible but their webs are strangely pretty.
I like to bite the chocolate off a kit kat first and then eat the biscuit.

Loretta said...

Lovely photos. x


Sherin said...

The spiders have really upped their game with webs this season!!
And those leaves are gorgeous. I love autumn leaves.

dinoprincesschar said...

oh that spider web photo is amaazing danni! :)

It seems pretty obvious. said...

Wonderful pictures! Sounds like a good week (: