5 November 2011


By now, if you're a regular reader or Fat Friday fan, you've probably realised that when it comes to cakes and bakes, the words 'healthy', 'sugarfree' or 'lite' never really punctuate my line of thought.

And never has that been truer than with this recipe.

To unashamedly nick M&S's legendary slogan, this is not just refrigerator cake.

This is sugar-dipped, almond-crusted, chocolate coated refrigerator cake. And it's not for the faint hearted...


Line a square [9inch ish] tin with greaseproof paper and pop 200g of the chocolate [milk or dark - whichever appeals] into a heatproof bowl along with the butter and golden syrup. Melt in a bain-marie gently, stirring occasionally to incorporate.

Meanwhile crush the rich tea biscuits in a large mixing bowl. Add 75g of the flaked almonds and all of the rice krispies. Mix lightly.

Pour the melted chocolate mixture over this and stir well, ensuring everything is evenly coated. Pour into the prelined tin and put in the fridge for about an hour [which just so happens to be the length of an episode of Made In Chelsea. Shucks!]

When you're ready for the next stage, slice the solidified mix into bars and whack in the freezer while you prep the sugar dip and almonds.

Chop the remaining almonds finely and put them into a small bowl ready for dipping.

In a small saucepan measure out the sugar and add 50ml water. Heat very gently until the sugar has dissolved, then turn up the heat and allow to bubble until it becomes a golden brown colour. This means the sugar has caramelised and you'll be able to tell it's ready from its delicious toffee scent. Don't be tempted to eat it. It will burn. Like crazy.

Now for the speedy bit. Take the sugar off the heat, bring the bars out of the freezer and dip each one first into the caramelised sugar, then straight into the chopped almonds. I wore rubber gloves for this because, if anyone's going to coat their fingers in boiling hot sugar, it would be me. But seriously, this stuff is hot; wearing gloves isn't a bad idea!

Looks alright doesn't it? I mean, you could easily just stop right here and still have a scrummy treat. But you've come this far, I mean, it'd be rude to forget the final flourish right?

So, just for good measure, melt the remaining chocolate and dip the plain ends of the slices into it, placing on a lined tray to solidify.

And there you have it. Chocolate-covered chocolate, coated in sugar and almonds.

That's practically balanced right?



Julia said...

oh my gosh that looks delicious! definitely adding this recipe to the "ones to try" list, hope you're well x

Emily said...

This looks obscenely good!

daisychain said...

this is the only possible cure to my ever-lasting hangover today.

musicandmollie said...

this looks heavenly! I love Fat Fridays haha :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

Emma said...



Emma said...



underthewillowtrees said...

Drooling. Would be a good snack to take to work for when you need that afternoon lift. Should be bothered to bake...when I've done the washing up xx

hannahlucyxoxo said...

These look ridiculously tasty!
They seem quite easy-ish to make, AKA something I couldn't mess up too badly hah xx

Caroline said...

This looks amazing and quite easy to make, definitely one to try! x

Eloise said...

I wish someone with your skillz lived near me so I could get them to make me cake every day. I'd be fat but content


Anonymous said...

Oh my wow - no other words will do here I fear.
We used to have an 'uncooked'/fridge cake a lot that my granny used to make; but this takes it to whole new levels! x

Harriet said...

Wow, I think my arteries clogged just looking at those photos! Seriously looks like death in a refrigerator and I *want* it!

Melita Kiely said...

oh my goodness, they look delicious. i need to get me some of that! x

Winnie said...

Holy Moly. Danni...these look heavenly...calorific but HEAVENLY!

StephanieDJL said...

I'm sat here crunching through carrot sticks DROOLING. I'm going to hire you as my chef