16 January 2012


I've had a few bad experiences with computers.

Or, more specifically, I've never been very good at backing things up.

I've lost essays, pictures, and very nearly a whole dissertation, so believe me when I say I've learnt my lesson well enough to know how important it is to save everything, everywhere.

So when I was offered a snazzy new memory stick from Lesmar for review I jumped at the chance.

And I've got one to give away too - lucky you!

In technical terms, it's just a standard 2GB USB memory stick. But aesthetically?

Well, he's pretty charismatic really.

Not only does it make a cute companion on work desks, but having half a metallic body protruding from your computer is hardly something you can forget and leave in there by mistake - another problem that I've had when backing things up on a bog standard USB stick.

He's not exactly the lightest of gadgets, and adds considerably more weight to my handbag than one of my old memory sticks may have, but the excitement he's generated already at work makes it more than worth it to me.

So, if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning one,  just follow this blog on GFC or Bloglovin' and leave a comment on this post saying so! Simple :)

I'll close the giveaway on Monday 23rd January at 8pm - good luck!

Sorry, giveaway now closed.

I was sent these memory sticks for consideration; my opinions are true and completely unbiased.


Laura said...

I'm following both GFC and bloglovin! I literally need this in my life, I work in tech and know I would defo be the coolest kid in the office with this guy!

Amy said...

I follow on both GFC and Bloglovin because I love your blog so much! great giveaway!

Amy x

Mathilde heart Manech said...

Oh my! This is exactly what I need. Always freaking out when my laptop dies and work is lost! Great giveaway. I follow via GFC x

blue october said...

agghh sooo cute! i am forever leaving USB sticks around, so this would be fab! great giveaway xx

Courtney said...

This is lovely, great USB! i'm following on GFC!

Emily said...

I need this in my life so much, i don't think it is possible for you to understand. I leave memory sticks in my computer ALL THE TIME, and I have lost so many essays it is unreal. And I'm stressed when working, his little face would keep me so happy :)

I'm pretty sure I'm following on bloglovin & GFC. :D


Rach said...

following on bloglovin, I LOVE this

Hannah said...

I would like to be entered please! xxxx

Danielle said...

The inner computer nerd in me has fallen in love! Or love to win this little guy! I follow through GFC! Xxx

Danielle said...

The inner computer nerd in me has fallen in love! Or love to win this little guy! I follow through GFC! Xxx

Gabby said...

I follow on GFC, awh such a cute idea! :) x

Carina said...

Argh this would be so handy! Enter me pleeease

Roza said...

This post reminded me I just lost my USB stick at school today :(
Oh well, I'd LOVE to win this, I wouldn't let it out my sight! ;)
P.S. I follow you already :)

theoxfordcomma said...

I follow on GFC :)

Nikki said...

This would be so handy! And ever so cute.
I follow via GFC x

Angel In This Dress said...

Oooo I'd love one! Would be so handy at work :) Have been following you for a whole on Google Friend Connect, m'dear x x

Amy Valentine said...

i've been needing a usb stick since i started college and this is perfect! i'm following via gfc (:

Rachael said...

Ah how heart stopping that would have been nearly loosing your dissertation!

Enter me into the give away please, I follow on GFC as Rachael


MessyCarla said...

Awwww he's so cute, I'd love to win him - I can be hopless at backing up too!

I follow on GFC! :)


Charlotte said...

This is the cutest thing ever, I used to have like 3 memory sticks and have lost them all.

daisychain said...


Raffles Bizarre said...

Aha he's so cute! And I am in desperate need of another memory stick, I'm currently hoarding all my family's ones. I follow via GFC. :)


Danielle Rose said...

He's lovely i'd love to win.

Julia said...

I'm always leaving my memory stick in the computers at school! this ones so cute. i follow with gfc :)



Cara McAllister said...

I don't actually have my own memory stick, I need to get that changed! This one looks so cute, I'd love to win it. (:


Barri-Jayne said...

Hello, this is the cutest memory stick I've ever seen. Just checked website and minimum quantity is 50, boohoo! Really hope I win!

Barrina x

Jess said...

Thats the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life!
I follow via GFC!


Anonymous said...

this would make my awfully paid apprenticeship so worth while.... AMAZEEE!
follow via GFC :) emma2louise@hotmail.co.uk xx

Bex said...

Haha, oh he is adorable! I want oooone!! ;) xxxx

Rebecca Thompson said...

I follow through gfc Love this giveaway, so cute! x

xXxStundonxXx said...

This is adorable, I need a USB Robot in my life!!!



Anonymous said...

I would love to win this little guy! I follow on bloglovin'

skye said...

i absolutely adore this little guy! he is so bloomin' cute. anything that makes techno mumbo jumbo a little bit more fun is a winner :)
i follow through gfc & bloglovin'

skye x

Anonymous said...

I's like to be in with a chance of winning! Despite this will make my other USB's look pretty embarassing.


p.s I can't seem to sign in.

Charli said...

Would love to win one!

Emily said...

I am following via GFC, this USB pen is adorable and so I definately wouldn't forget it and leave it anywhere.


carlaharla said...

i follow on gfc. loveee this memory stick and im in desperate need of one since i lost my old one. pretty certain i couldnt lose this one!



Katie said...

Ahh this is so cute!
Following on GFC, love your blog :) x

onedaybox said...

Ooooh I would LOVE this little thing in my life xx