20 July 2011

Do me a favour.

I'm rather excited to announce on behalf of Harriet and Charlotte of Yayer, that their online store has been shortlisted in Reveal Magazine's "Click to buy" Awards.

As some of you might know, I've been in fairly close contact with these ladies after winning their blogging competition, so it's with genuine excitement and tension that I'm writing this - I'm willing them to get wider recognition as I've seen and heard how hard they've been working.

And why?

Because honestly, these girls are just so darn nice.
I know, I know, I'd say "nice" was pretty much the ultimate sin where English GCSE was concerned, but I'd like to unashamedly re-embrace it here as the perfect way to sum up the team behind this brand.

Of course, the clothes are wonderful [Ok, more than wonderful. I may or may not dream about them. That's embarrassing. Let's move on], but I doubt that what started up as a fairly small brand would have achieved half the success they're experiencing now were it not for the generous and understanding persona behind the screen.

So, if you fancy showing your support for these lovely ladies who are up against some huge brands [ebay, pret-a-portobello, beyond retro] then please follow this link and select yayer.co.uk in the vintage category.

Reveal are also offering £200 goody bags for five lucky voters to win, just as long as you register your details at the end.

And just as a thank you for doing me a personal favour in supporting these girlies, I'll give everyone that votes an extra entry into the giveaway I'm hosting next week. Just put ''giveaway'' at the end of your comment if you vote and register your details and I'll make sure to count an extra entry from you!

Ta very much chucks.


The tops featured in these pics were both from Yayer. Blogger decided to put a "will ruin all layouts" clause on their caption tool today, and as my patience with it is already running thin, I gave up on trying. Not the most inspirational action to take, but I was tired. And getting Starbucks cravings. I know you'll understand, you're nice like that :)


JosefĂ­na said...

so yes, I voted! =) I hope I helped you and ladies a bit

Raffles Bizarre said...

Voted for them :D also wonderful to see a few handmade jewellery companies on there :D

ronan said...

voted! :) hope they do well xxx


Sherin said...

Voted! Good luck to the girls.

Kat said...

Love the Yayer girls- were very helpful when I needed images from them for an article I wrote and I love the site- have just voted!



Love all the polka dots!


Susie said...

Off to vote now! :)

Nadiine said...

I voted :)
I hope they win!!

fritha louise said...

I've voted. I keep looking at the Yayer website but not buying anything. Maybe if I ever have any money ever again (looking doubtful...) I shall take the plunge!