25 September 2011






Britain's properly letting us know summer's over isn't it? I've been cold enough for daytime dressing gowns and hot, homemade mochas. And marshmallows.....marshmallows help.
I've had these cupcake cases for a good 18 months now, and only just got round to using them! They're covered with hummingbirds in an ode to the London bakery, and to be honest, I was still reluctant to use them as they're so pretty!
Been flicking through old scrapbooks and photo albums and it's made me a little scared about the future! Back in the day I had school, college, and uni to rely on as giving me a purpose. Now? Now it's all on me, and although I know where I want to get to, I doubt it's going be easy. Bring back the days of caterpillar birthday cakes and pogs! [If you don't remember what pogs were, you were probably one of the cool kids]
And whenever I get too deep in thought like that? I reach for the Riesen. Obvs.
You might have noticed a bit of a change around here too - I hope you like it as much as I do! Let me know if there are any issues with layout, links etc. I'm no expert when it comes to html and css coding, so don't be afraid to tell me if something's not working properly! I've also got a few new pages where you can find more info, and my blog roll is now under the links page. I'm hoping to add to it progressively so feel free to leave links to any of your faves [including your own ofc :)].


peachesandnothing said...

Cheer up girl, your blog gives you purpose. Your pictures are pretty. I'm certainly not a cool kid but I don't know what pogs are, oh dear, I don't fit in anywhere.x

Sorcha said...

Pogs were amazing! Man, my teachers hated them so, so much. Just like the suped up yo-yos and slap bracelets and tamagotchis and basically every fun thing ever!

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

peachesandnothing said...

Ohh. My tamagotchi wasn't fun, he died, a lot, I had no yo yo skills either, I'm a true nerd..x

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

These photos are lovely, such a beautiful way of summing up the week. I love the new layout as well, working perfectly, for me at least. You've got me wondering whether you can still get caterpillar birthday cakes as well, gonna have to go check out the high street tomorrow xo

Anonymous said...

this post is so cute, they are such lovely photos. and dont worry everyone is a little worried about the future, you just gotta live life in the present :)

daisychain said...

OMG I have no had Riesens in so long. But, there is a new sweet shop in town and I bought a PEANUT BUTTER TWIX. Hell yes.

Sherin said...

Ah, yes: thinking about the future is stressing me out as well. But we'll be fine!!
And the new layout looks great.

dinoprincesschar said...

i'm not sure what pogs are - but everyone used to have a caterpillar bday cake, and they were fab! :)

Michelle said...

I'm definitely running to Sainsbury's for hot chocolate supplies later after reading this! Your cupcake cases are adorable, we currently have bright red polka dot cases in the cupboard, nice and obvious ;) I adore the colours of your new layout too Danni! Hope you're all good sweet. xx

Raffles Bizarre said...

Pogs, YES! I'm very jealous of your dressing gown and hot choc. I am writing this from under my duvet!

Sophie said...

Lovely photos!


Eloise said...

Riesens! I haven't had those in an age, I didn't even realise they still sold them anymore?! Ah I want some now, which is a shame as I've told myself no sweets this week.
And I remember pogs, whever anyone lost (if they were playing for keeps) it always used to be blamed on "the slammer".
Did you ever have the freebie walkers crisp version - tazo's?

Michaela Scalisi said...

I really like your new design! How did you do it? Did you use a given one?

xx Michaela

Lucy said...

omg, where do you find Riesens?! They were my absolute favourite thing in the world about 10 years ago, never see them any more, you lucky thing!

Maria said...

I miss POGS! I know what you mean with feeling aimless at the moment though, scary stuff!

Maria xxx

xXxStundonxXx said...

The new layout is lovely!

Pogs ruled! I had a folder full of them and then stupidly sold them! x

dan said...

love the new layout! looks great xx

Anonymous said...

The blog looks gorgeous, so sleek. Love the new look x

Cee Harvey said...

oh my god I love Riesnes! Haven't had them in ages :(

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