9 October 2011







Well actually, it's been quite the opposite. And completely self-inflicted of course, but it's been just one of those weeks where every little thing stresses you out. Job rejections, cold weather, smudged nail varnish, X-factor. Wait.... well, anyway, I turned to my trusty scented candle and a bit of blog-reading to quell any panic. I think it did the trick.
These are not just white-chocolate coated raisins, these are M&S white-chocolate coated raisins.
Twisted in an unreal-amazing-super-star-tasty way. You miiiight have realised by now that I do love a bit of baking, but the one thing that I've avoided until this very week is bread. It terrifies me. I don't know why - I mean, I love to eat it, but making it from scratch just seems to have far too many pitfalls for me to fall very ungracefully down. Nevertheless, I gave this twister bread a go [half stuffed with pesto, half with wholegrain mustard] and was pleasantly surprised at the result.
Bread: 0, Danni: 1.
I tried leopard print nails a long time ago, a la Gem, but never seemed able to get it right. It looked more like a dodgy mosaic than any animal print I've ever seen. I think it was Lily's ever-lovely nail art that spurred me to try again and voilĂ , I think I nailed it [Buh dum bum....]. Will definitely try some milder colour tones next time though, not sure I can carry off these brights!
My favourite album, ever. [Aha Shake Heartbreak, KOL] Other musical fads may come and go [my current go-to's being Foster the People and Bombay Bicycle Club], but just as soon as I break out Caleb and Co's archives I'm oblivious once again to anything else. They certainly have my heart [and my full-volume singing wailing].



Becky. said...

had to follow your blog i love your photography! The nails are amazing i've had a pretty crappy week too :( hope your next week is better I always find tea lights are so lovely! especially during autumn / winter xxx

daisychain said...

I neeeed to get to M&S for those raisins. NEED. I have serious white chocolate cravings, and raisins mean they totally count as one of your five a day :)

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

This looks like such a lovely week, as always I love your photography. Yum, M&S chocolate covering sounds perfect right about now xo

Eloise said...

Ugh X factor stressed me out immensly last night. Why oh why must people scream rather than sing? Why must the sound production people play the backing music so loudly? Why must they dye contenstants hair? Why must frankie aspire to look like a drug addict?

These questions will torment me forever. Or at least until christmas when it's all over!


London's-beauty said...

Love all the pretty pictures :) Love the M&S line. 'these are not just white-chocolate coated raisins, these are M&S white-chocolate coated raisins.' Makes me chuckle a little every time I listen to it on T.V

Temporary:Secretary said...

The first picture is so good, very mysterious! I haven't got the hang of leopard print nails yet, yours looks so good, love it when i see neatly painted nails, makes me want to give it another go! (I'll regret it when i come to do the left hand!) x

Michelle said...

White chocolate coated raisins! My favourite thing in life! (Or one of...) I'm gonna have to go and buy some of those tomorrow, haven't had any since my work experience there a few years back when they handed them out to staff at the end of the working day! I hope you're feeling much calmer and happy now Danni, candles and blogs always seems to work (: xxx

Winnie said...

I really really love your photos and those bread twists looks so yummy! Oh and M&S do the best food!!

Angel In This Dress said...

LOVE Foster The People! Was so jealous of festival goers who got to see them perform! :'(

I may have to track down these M&S chocolate coated goodies... Never tried white chocolate ones before - they sound lush! x x

Maria said...

Sending you lots of love and hugs! That bread looks scrummy, I am very jealous right now!

Maria xxx

Harriet said...

Sorry your week has been so frustrating - but glad you had a few little treats too, hope things get better soon xxx

Sherin said...

Love how your nails came out. They look amazing.

Scarlett London said...

Love this! Your writing and style are fab, and I'm definitely going to be checking your blog regularly :)
If you get a chance, I'd love for you to take a look at my blog www.scarlettlondon.blog.com and let me know what you think xxx

Floortje said...

omg, i love your nails!