21 January 2012


Is there a better three word combination?

Ferrero. Rocher. Brownies.

I mean, its up there with fish and chips or Joseph Gordon Levitt.


Right. And all you have to do is unwrap, crush, mix, bake and enjoy.



Pre-heat the oven to 375 F // 190 C // GM 5 and line a square brownie pan (about 8 x 8in) with greaseproof paper.

In a large bowl mix together the butter (softened ever so slightly in the micro if you want to make life easier!) and sugar lightly. Add the eggs and stir, adding the vanilla essence once incorporated. 

Gratuitous mini utensils make everything taste better.

Once stirred, measure out your Nutella and stir into the mixture. And because I know what you're thinking, staring into your 3/4 empty Nutella jar,  it is totally acceptable to finish off the remaining chocolate spread. No spoons necessary.

Now for the Ferrero.

Unwrap and chop 10-12 chocolates and stir them into the batter [in total, including decoration, I used about 18 Ferrero's, and whilst I would never wish to preach self-restraint where chocolate is concerned, you can just use as few/many as you have].

Now simply sift in the flour, stir and pour into the pre-prepared tin.

Spread the mixture out as evenly as possible, and then take a few more Ferrero Rocher [I used six], chop in half and dot across the surface.

Now simply bake for 35-45 minutes, until slightly squidgy and cracked on the surface - take care to test that the middle is cooked before slicing and serving.

I challenge you not to eat the whole thing.



Tat said...

oh my god

Erin Elise said...

Amazing! x

HOLLY said...

omg DEAD <3

Krissy ~ said...


Barri-Jayne said...

Oh my god!!! I want to lick the screen!

Roza said...

Oh my! Yet again another flipping amazing recipe! My mouth is watering!

Katiecakes said...

I'd love to say I'd make these, but Ferrero Rochers and I just don't mix! Last night alone I did in a box of 24! By myself....24!!!

Katie xox

Harriet said...

Ok, it's like you just took my two favourite things, smooshed them together and made the greatest sweet thing in the world!

mi said...

i am absolutely bookmarking these. already made a promise to make them for the bf. oh dear! just gorgeous.

Glitter Detector said...

OH MY GOD! (that's all I have to say) xx

daisychain said...

I am so making these for our chocolate loving GP at work, he will forever be in my (er, your) debt!

eliza said...

Ahhhh, yum. This is crazy, how can something so delicious exist?


Caroline said...

wowza, this looks immense! can't begin to imagine how good it tastes but i know i want some now! xx

Chantelle Thomas said...

This is the second brownie recipe this morning. I need these! They look amazing x

Carlito86 said...

Annnndddd herein lies the reason your blog is one of my favourites.

Added to the bookmark list - along with so many other recipes you have blogged!! - to make at a later date! xx

Raffles Bizarre said...

Oh maaaan, those sound/look amazing! Right when I'm on a strict diet! :p


Sadie said...

These look absolutely amazing!! :) xx

Anonymous said...



Autumn xoxo said...

They look DELICIOUS!♡

Helen said...

Oh my, they look amazing! I want to eat them all NOW.

Ozel said...

My friend found this recipe and now we're making this today! So excited!


Cannella Vita said...

Oh la la! These were a HUGE hit in my house! Check out how mine turned out here!

Anonymous said...

I'm baking it now, the mixture was a bit weird, because it was a bit runny and lumpy, but I managed to fix it :) it's almost done, and I cant stop opening the oven :( i just want to eat it right now :(